Apple and China Mobile sign deal to sell iPhones in January

In January Apple is planning to offer the IPhone to the more than 760 million china mobile customers which could help it to raise its share from the fifth position in the growing market.

Apples has already sells its phones in china through two other carriers in the country-- China Telecom and China Unicom but to deal with mobile, the largest in the country, has escaped it for some time. Reason may be behind it is that China Mobile uses a different wireless telecommunications standard from its competitors.

According to rumors it was announced on Sunday, Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5C will be available from china Mobile and on apple retail store in china on Jan 17. Preregistration of the phone will started on the carrier website and through its customer service hotline from Wednesday.

Apple said on his statement, the pricing of the iPhone 5s and 5c for china mobile will be offered at a later date.
According to the research firm it comes to know that apple share of the Chinese smartphone reached 8percent in the third quarter. Samsung Electronics was the third largest player with having 21percent market share, surveyed by Lenovo with a 13 percent share. Yulong Computer telecommunication with 11 percent market share and Huawei with 9 percent has taken the third and fourth stage.

On December china issued 4G licenses to three local carriers including China Telecom, which has been Organizing base station across the country using a 4G technology recognized as LTE TDD (Long- Term Evolution Time Division Duplex).

Apple had been supporting china Telecom TD-SCDMA (Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access) 3G network technology but on Sunday it’s declared that the iPhones would run on both 4G TD-LTE and 3G TD-SCDMA networks.

By the end of the year according to a joint statement the two companies China Mobile 4G services will be available in 16 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. 

In 2014 china mobile plans to complete the rollout of more than 500,000 4G base stations, in which they will target more than 340 cities with 4G service, it added.

In September Apple added NTTDOCOMO, Japan's largest carrier, to its list of customers for the iPhone.


Recently Google has launched its latest packaged of apps, dubbed “chrome Apps”, for the Mac, making the good promises from September when it kicked off testing.
Three weeks ago, Google has released the chrome 31 for OSX, now supports Chrome apps, Google souped-up, cross platform web apps that are much closer to natural software, the kind written for a specific operating system, like windows or OS X. Chrome apps can work on the off mode and call on various Google APIs and services lined to traditional based apps.
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Chrome apps is written in HTML5, JavaScript  and CSS, its look like the simple application since they run in a bare bones frame minus any browser as like address bar.
Recently In the month of September Google has previewed the chrome apps and associated app launch for the Mac in the early develop of its browser, but they said that they are going to switch on the functionality in the stable version.
On the September chrome 29, window has chrome app support with initially support going back as far as February.  Yet the Chrome apps are not supporting the Linux version.
From the day of the conference of the June 2012, Google is been forcing to construct the packaged app strategy, experts have viewed the move as an attempt to challenge rivals’ operating system by using the latest chrome browser as a Trojan horse.
Chrome apps roots extend to chrome OS, the browser based operating system is increasing the number of computer developers, or OEMs, have used specialized chrome-book notebook lines. For example On Wednesday Dell has announced its chrome-book and will sell the 11 inch laptop in less than $300 to educational buyers.
Chrome OS and the spin-off Chrome Apps have a tough row to hoe, analysts have said.
 Patrick Moor-head Principal analyst with Moor visions and strategy said on yesterday, to go the user mainstream, Google needs to completely add off line feasibility to chrome OS.
Last month, Google tried to remedy the inventory issue with its first Chrome Dev Summit, a two-day developers conference that featured sessions on creating traditional Web apps and packaged apps, accessing APIs, and optimizing app performance.
Chrome 31 for OSX is now available to download from the Google’s website which includes the chrome apps support.
WeatherBug, one of a handful of available Chrome Apps, looks and behaves much like a “native” application on OS X.

Games help improve software security

Ever more rarify cyber-attacks exploit software unsafe in the commercial off the shelf (COTS) IT systems and applications upon which military, government and commercial organizations trust.
The most stringent way to prevent from these attacks is formal verification; an analysis process helps to certify that software is free from exploitable faults and vulnerabilities. However for the formal methods it requires the trained engineers to manually scour software’s-a process is now too slow and costly to employ outside of the small software components.
Getting, quicker and the cost effective means to accomplish formal verification is a national security priority, So DARPA’s CSFV (Crowd sourced formal verification) has constructed and establish its verigames web portal ( offering online formal verification games.
The CSFV games alter the players’ actions into program comments and gives mathematical proofs to assure the lack of important classes of errors in software written in the C and Java programming languages. CSFV motive is to investigate whether the non-experts will be able to play the formal verification games in a formal verification manner in a faster way and in the more cost effective way than conventional processes.
Drew Dean said that we took the really hard math problems and map it into the interesting and attractive puzzle games that online players will solve for joy, The DARPA managers’ By leveraging the player’s intelligence and creativity on a broader term, in which hope to reduce the security analysts to overcome in the formal verification.
CSFV has constructed the automatic procedure which permits the creation of new puzzles for each math issue the program pursues to analyze. If its reveal the harmful code, DARPA will implement the approve notification and modification procedures, by notifying the organization responsible for the affected software. Because CSFV authenticates open source software which government or any commercial department of defense may utilize, quick notification is required to correct the software instantly and modify the risk of security failures.

Don’t Stitch Copied Content from Multiple Sites

The many of the marketers and site owners knows the importance of the original, quality content in their marketing plans and still few people tries to understand what it actually means.

In the recent Google webmaster video, once again Matt Cutts discussed about the line between spam and original content.

The question arises: Can you copy the small portion of content from the various websites and combine it to create the new page and compete with the Google??

 Cutts begins explaining the question in practice about yahoo disfavor for its past days. Yahoo considered this method as stitching and they considered that spam said Cutts.

Does the Google consider it as a spam? “He said if you are taking the quotes from everyone else, that is probably will not add the value.

He has given the best example of where the multiple means with bits of information in an article, mentioning Wikipedia as an example. In Wikipedia the information is gathered from the various sources as citation to support the main topic, but to do in the way that reports and summarizes the information to create a new, unique web page on the matter.

While many may be unclear about what the original content means, when in doubt, know that any time you’re cutting corners in your content, you are likely not writing the best content you can for that website.

BlackBerry increases Android app support

On its Latest Smartphones Blackberry is making the easier to run the android applications. 

The latest upgrade in 2014 which is done by the developer is that they had reduced the amount of work to acquire an Android app on the Blackberry 10 operating system and will pass few android app to run directly without any changes.

Since the Blackberry 10 is launched the android had a level of compatibility with the real time operating system called QNX.  The phone supporting the android app to run but yet all the features is not supportable.
In the early November, the latest version 10.2.1 and 4.2.2 android jellybean, Bluetooth, maps through open street Map, Sharing of content with other applications in the phone and spell checker.

As far as in the run time Android features supported in the Blackberry Android, the app needs minimal repackaging to run on BlackBerry smartphones.

By the next year, Blackberry will announced to update the software that support to run “apk” Android packages in phone, with no repackaging , and rest features will be also supportable. This will make the easier for the companies to offer Android applications to blackberry users.

The company proclaimed on a website this event is organized to help you understand how the blackberry for android apps 10.2.1 released supports the development efforts and helps you enjoy app in front of blackberry users faster.

The company’s has attracted 130,000 apps to its Blackberry 10 platform but fail to grab the attention of many users.

In the third quarter of 2013 globally Blackberry had the 2.8 percent of the smartphone share in the market according to data from IDC. That places it behind Windows Mobile at 3.1 percent,  16.6 percent apple iOS and Android at 69.2 percent.

Some PSN Passwords Get Reset in North America after Suspicious Activity

Some PSN Passwords Get Reset in North America after Suspicious Activity

Sony has announced that after few apprehensive activities on its PlayStation network, it has decided to reset the password on a certain number of PSN accounts in North America, following a similar measure in Europe a few weeks ago.

Sony has done improvement on security measures and precautionary systems. Since the PlayStation network has attacker attacked in 2011, when it was offline for a huge period of time.

Now, issues is been raised after several PSN users in North America sign in problems due to incorrect password, Sony has announced in it forum that the password reset activity is done due to suspicious action.

To keep the account safer for the user, the reset password will be send to the users in their email.

Yet it has not announced that how many accounts had their passwords reset or what suspicious activity was detected by Sony.

Google pushes Android KitKat to Nexus tablets

Google has launched the Android 4.4 Kitkat to the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets. The operating system is currently available to the WIFI only in the US models, rest it will be available to the other models and locations soon.
According to Google, the biggest changes which are fixed in the Android 4.4 code is streamlined code. Google has removed the complication in the operating system which can be utilized in a broader range of hardware. The company said the size of the device is little 512 MB of RAM will be able to run the KITKAT. Google wishes KITKAT to run better on entry level devices.
 The Nexus tablets will support the new operating system smoothly. The nexus 7 has an S4 pro processor with the 2 GB of RAM, 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon whereas the Nexus 10 has a Samsung Exynos 5 Dual processor with 2 GB of RAM. They have the more than enough juice to get Kitkat following:
Most of the other improvements are under the cover and meant for developers. They will be able to add the various functions of printing to their app and the benefits of latest animations, graphics acceleration, API, screen recording and bezel to bezel apps. Kitkat supports the Bluetooth profiles and bakes in support for IR blasters to control the home theater equipment.  The KitKat SDK is already available for download.
There are various enhancements in the OS which includes better notifications, revised launcher, upgraded phone dialer, wide search area and baked in support for Google across the platform. There is the number changes made to the home screen and the main app menu. For example customize home page screen panels make then bit easier to use. Google also made the changes in the icons to make it more user- friendly.
Nexus will update with the new operating system. By the upcoming week’s google play edition mobile devices will be updated with the Android 4.4 Kitkat will get updated on the Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4, and in HTC one . The Kitkat is preinstalled on the Nexus 5Smartphones.
One of the main benefits of getting the Nexus brand is to get updated with the latest system of Google.  This is a prime example of that benefit at work.