BlackBerry increases Android app support

On its Latest Smartphones Blackberry is making the easier to run the android applications. 

The latest upgrade in 2014 which is done by the developer is that they had reduced the amount of work to acquire an Android app on the Blackberry 10 operating system and will pass few android app to run directly without any changes.

Since the Blackberry 10 is launched the android had a level of compatibility with the real time operating system called QNX.  The phone supporting the android app to run but yet all the features is not supportable.
In the early November, the latest version 10.2.1 and 4.2.2 android jellybean, Bluetooth, maps through open street Map, Sharing of content with other applications in the phone and spell checker.

As far as in the run time Android features supported in the Blackberry Android, the app needs minimal repackaging to run on BlackBerry smartphones.

By the next year, Blackberry will announced to update the software that support to run “apk” Android packages in phone, with no repackaging , and rest features will be also supportable. This will make the easier for the companies to offer Android applications to blackberry users.

The company proclaimed on a website this event is organized to help you understand how the blackberry for android apps 10.2.1 released supports the development efforts and helps you enjoy app in front of blackberry users faster.

The company’s has attracted 130,000 apps to its Blackberry 10 platform but fail to grab the attention of many users.

In the third quarter of 2013 globally Blackberry had the 2.8 percent of the smartphone share in the market according to data from IDC. That places it behind Windows Mobile at 3.1 percent,  16.6 percent apple iOS and Android at 69.2 percent.