Dolphin Jetpack for Android 5.0 Now Available for Download

Recently Dolphin Browser has announced the key release of dolphin Jetpack which is available to download via the Google Play Store. The users who already have the browser on their devices will get the automatic update notifications.
Dolphin Jetpack5.0 includes lots of bugs which are needed to be fixed in the previous versions of the applications. For example, developers have affirmed that the update fix for compatibility issue for Android kitKat.
In addition, there’s no constraint while playing the Flash video in full screen. Page loading in the low network will be added as well.
The few bugs which are fixed along with it:
- Fixed bugs related to Arabic and Japanese version;
- Fixed stoppage issue while opening a new tab;
Dolphin Browser has done the lots of improvements as per the constancy, as well as quicker switching of pages when going back or forward in the previous major update.
Now you can download free Dolphin Jetpack for Android 5.0 via Soft-Pedia. The browser is fully compatible for  all the devices of Android 2.3 and more.