Which Android Smartphones and tablets will get the KitKat upgrade?

After a long time rumor, Google has officially announced Android 4.4 Kitkat. The new mobile operating system that has introduced alongside the Nexus 5 focuses on prettifying the overall user experience, adding latest features and improvements focused at both entry level and high end devices. The question arises: when will your Smartphone or the tablet will get upgraded?
Google was the first company among others who discloses the plans for the ascent. The search giant has publicized that Android 4.4 Kitkat will soon be presented on the Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and  Nexus 10 as well as it is available in the upcoming weeks in the Google editions of the HTC one and Samsung Galaxy S4 .
The one device that is missing from the list in the Galaxy nexus, that is officially caught on Android 4.3 jelly Bean. The device has already updated the three times and enthusiasts will certainly install custom scatterings based on the new Android iteration.
Google subsidiary Motorola also exposed which of its prevailing devices will make the cut for the Android 4.4 Kitkat upgrade. The Moto X is going to be the first to get it, with all versions set to join the update.
According to the news , The Verizon – branded Droid Ultra, Droid Maxx and Droid Mini is going to be listed in the Motorola’s enhanced plans Other devices may also be modernized with an update to Android 4,4 Kitkat by recommending the current status, but that will be actually announcement will be made in the future update.
HTC America President Jason Mackenzie is communicating with Engadeget, said in the Next two weeks Google play edition for the Android will be upgraded. The developer edition and the unlocked one version will be updated with in a month, while the North American carrier branded version will get the update receive with In the 90 days.
We keep you updated with the Latest news in the loop for the future Android 4.4 upgrade declaration.