Don’t Stitch Copied Content from Multiple Sites

The many of the marketers and site owners knows the importance of the original, quality content in their marketing plans and still few people tries to understand what it actually means.

In the recent Google webmaster video, once again Matt Cutts discussed about the line between spam and original content.

The question arises: Can you copy the small portion of content from the various websites and combine it to create the new page and compete with the Google??

 Cutts begins explaining the question in practice about yahoo disfavor for its past days. Yahoo considered this method as stitching and they considered that spam said Cutts.

Does the Google consider it as a spam? “He said if you are taking the quotes from everyone else, that is probably will not add the value.

He has given the best example of where the multiple means with bits of information in an article, mentioning Wikipedia as an example. In Wikipedia the information is gathered from the various sources as citation to support the main topic, but to do in the way that reports and summarizes the information to create a new, unique web page on the matter.

While many may be unclear about what the original content means, when in doubt, know that any time you’re cutting corners in your content, you are likely not writing the best content you can for that website.