Apple cuts prices on Macs, takes a jab at PCs

On Tuesday Apple had released the Latest Version of the MacBook Pro Laptops, but after taking the jab at PC makers.

The 13 inch screen on MacBook pro with Retina display starts at $1299 which cheaper than the previous model at $ 200. The 15 inch model price starts from the $1999 but the previous laptop was $ 2199.

The company has also launched the new model Mac Pro desktop which starts at $ 2999. The high end workstation is with the storage, memory and the features of graphics with unique cylinder design.
Tim cook said at the event in San Francisco that we have worked hard for on the Mac and Apple growth is being achieved through the tablets and Smartphones.

Cook said for Jab at PC makers are confused between laptops and tablets. They changed the tablets into PCs and PCs into tablets.

The MacBook pro has the retina display, starting at 3.46 pounds with just the thickness of 0.75 inches. The latest MacBook has the few latest technologies including the wireless 802.11ac and thunderbolt 2, which support to 4k displays.

The laptop has also the feature to include the Intel chips based on “Haswell” micro architecture, as well as the faster flash storing. The chips have the graphic processor names Iris, which makes the graphics 90 percent faster on previous laptops said Phil Schiller, senior vice president of international marketing.
The 13 inches MacBook Pro has the Retina display with nine hours of battery life.

 The $1,299 price includes the configuration of dual core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of data storage. The laptop cost is at $1499 with 265GB SSD storage and 8GB of RAM.

The 15 inch MacBook Pro has the eight hour battery life. This includes the quad core i5 processor and 2.0HZ, 8GB Ram and SSD of 256 GB. The price can increase to $2599 with quad core i7 chip with 16GB memory separate Nvidia graphics processor and SD of 512 GB. Users can increase it to 1TB.