SAP bets on HTML5, open source for its mobile app platform

SAP is planning to use the HTML5 and open standard in the products while developing the mobile applications and is accepting the concept of BYOT (bring your own tools) to attain the interest of developers.

 At the Tuesday meeting of the Tech Ed conference in Las Vegas announced that Version 3.0 of SAP Mobile platform will combine SAP's Net Weaver Gateway , Syclo gentry products , Sybase “ to fulfill the current and future mobile app uses needs” according to the news. 

SAP said that developers can expect the SAP mobile app will have use of a wide range of HTML5.SAP mobility will support open source standards such as OSGi and Apache Cordova

According to the news, SAP is also going to announce about the cloud version of the mobile platform. Under the BYOT, developers may use their desired tools for the SAP’s platform.

On Tuesday the company will announce updates to its mobile security product portfolio.

The company has also done the enhancements to its Mobile document product, by enhancing the new secure mobile browser and adding the iPhone and Android support.

SAP has grown the set of mobility products through the 2010 achievement of Sybase.

It has been highlighted mobile-friendly software development deeply of late, and by this year launched Fiori, a set of lightweight mobile applications that tie into its basic Business Suite ERP system.

According to the observance, the mobile platform of 3.0 releases seems that it’s a fresh start of sort for SAP.
During the press conference on Tuesday at Tech Ed , Vishal Sikka who is the head of all development said to the board of member that SAP did the tweaks to the Sybase technology in the 3.0 upgrade. 

Wang said SAP is also rethinking for some time that what is truly needed for mobile developers.