Find your lost phone with Android Device

Get your lost phone in Android device manager

If you have lost your phone in the market or while doing shopping or may be finding it in the home or left it out in the park? So the new Android manager will give you the solution?
It’s one of the simple features you can use to keep your device- and the data you store inside – safe and secure

Trace and ring your misplaced device

If you have dropped the phone between cushions, Android Device manager will quickly ring your phone at maximum volume and will help you to find it, even if it’s in the silenced.

Protecting your personal info and data

Android device manager can help you to keep the data loosing away from the wrong hands. If your phone recovered or get stolen, you can quickly and securely erase all of the data on your device.
And if your phone or tablet is out of hearing, you can locate in the map at real time

You can enjoy the above service in the Android 2.2 or above to use it.