Latest Update for Android apps and IOS Twitter

Twitter had finally presented the secure way to log into the accounts on the web, this network had updated its IOS and Android apps today to make using two-step verification easier.Now the security mechanism requires two passwords to do the login as like traditional as well as the temporary code will be sent to your verified mobile number . Now after the today update , you will be able use the Android apps and IOS after the verification code .Now the message is no longer required , two step verification is mandatory across the world.

Reputable institutions Twiiter , they have targeted the hackers who hoping to cheat the public with malicious or wrong tweets . The two step verification properly set up is to get rid of  from the  hackers attack , as they not only needed the original password but also access to staffer phone . Twitter addition of the feature earlier this year after the few companies like Google , Linkedin , Dropbox , Microsoft , and apple made the almost similar moves. Further that updated are coming to include the  new gallery view for looking at user uploaded photos.